So, here's a little bit about me.....

Exactly like with the images you’ve just finished taking a gander at, you want to have your family’s stories told through happy, natural, relaxed images. Emotive images, brimming with laughter and joy, your stories artfully captured, cherished throughout the span of your life (we know how our babies grow too much, and to add insult to injury, too swiftly). Naturally you’re wondering who would be able to capture the elements of your family’s story.



(Ahem,) Hi there, I’m Catie, and I could be the 'who' for you.

Central MN raised, am the oldest of 3 sisters thus, a natural instigator.

Recognizable laughter youll hear from your backyard blocks, er, miles away!

Karaoke is a guilty pleasure, sometimes ROCKED...sometimes cover your ears, hahaha!

I lovelovelove the following foods:

  • potatoes (chips, tater tots, mashed, scalloped, GAH, all the taters!)

  • my lasagna I learned to make from my mother

  • stout beers - especially the chocolate and coffee based ones

    • (are you seeing a pattern here? I eat/looove ALL THE CARBS)



If asked, the people who know me well would say Catie is:

"Vibrant" "Eccentric" "Sweet" "Tattooed" "Creative" "Empath" "Hilarious" "Compassionate"

Fun Factoids of My Life So Far

  • I have a trio of children that drive me and inspire me.

  • Occasionally my hair is dyed a wild color(or three).

  • There are tattoos that grace my skin as well as piercings .

  • My second son was a NICU baby; he was 24 weeks 5 days gestation, and only 1lb 12oz 12 inches long. We had an 85 day NICU stay.

  • For 5 years, I was the NICU photographer in St. Cloud Hospital to give back to the place that saved my son.

  • I am a volunteer/member of CRA - Central Racing Association. Each summer, I volunteer doing corner-working for the motorcycle races.

  • Ever since I got my driver's license, a smiley face has been part of my official signature. Yes, seriously. I'll show you, haha!

If you want to get a firsthand experience of who I am, then whatcha waitin’ for?

Can’t wait to meet you! 😊

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